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SEO and Lead Generation Project Brief:

Laurel Springs is an accredited, private, online high school offering a complete selection of core academic and elective courses required for graduation and admission to college. As one of the leading online high schools in the country, Laurel Springs wanted to generate more student applications and increase enrollment.

In order to achieve more awareness for Laurel Springs, online secondary education, and the benefits of learning online, Big Fin SEO developed a comprehensive optimization strategy for the website and online digital assets.  Much of our work was focused on a technical website audit, gaining deep insights into opportunities for increasing organic search results.

Step 01

Technical Audit

Any effective engagement designed to increase online lead generation must begin with a deep and sophisticated technical audit. Whether you’re looking to improve organic or paid results, your website is a central component that must perform optimally and meet technical requirements established by search engine crawlers. After the initial audit, we put together a plan for Laurel Springs to enhance their website and improve online conversions.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization Audit
SEO Plan Improve Ranking

Step 02

Website Programming

As we identified a number of ways to improve the technical aspect of the Laurel Springs website, we began to implement on -page changes. Additionally, we expanded our utilization of Google-provided tools including Google Analytics and Google Console. In just a few short weeks, we optimized the website and started to see results.

Step 03


We saw an immediate impact from our efforts: Bounce rate dropped more than 31%, on-site time increased more than 50%, and overall conversions increased by double digits. Not only did Laurel Springs begin to see more website traffic, but they converted more prospects to customers.


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