Choose an SEO Package

Case studies for SEO are extremely important for identifying your search engine optimization goals and milestones for an effective SEO campaign. At Big Fin SEO, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies to create a custom search marketing campaign that achieves specific outcomes.

We recommend utilizing a 5 step process to ensure your company’s success. Maybe you can be our next case study success!

1. Evaluate your current online exposure. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? How do you compare to your competition? With deep insights, you can move to the next step and get clarity on desired outcomes.

2. Define your campaign goals. Once you have an understanding of where you’re going, you can develop a plan that advances your desired outcomes. This is the best way to ensure desired outcomes and agreed upon objectives.

3. Set clear milestones. Effective SEO takes time but that doesn’t mean you can’t identify progress. With co-created milestones, you move one step closer to having a successful case study written about you. Milestones show progress towards your goal.

4. Measure outcomes. You can only be effective with transparency. Results take time but are easier to achieve in small bite-sized pieces. This is why it’s so important to have tools in place to measure work and the outcomes being achieved.

5. Evaluate and re-evaluate. As you start any program with an SEO organization, it’s important to have regular check-ins to review milestones and outcomes. Revising outcomes based on priorities, changing needs, and the competitive environment are an essential part of evolution.

To be effective, we recommend the five step process we’ve defined. After working with so many clients, we know that being effective is simple when following this process. Begin by evaluating your current state, define mutually agreeable goals, set clear milestones, measure your outcomes, and evaluation. As you work collaboratively with your SEO company, this process will become second nature allowing for continual growth and success.