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washington wellness center

Local SEO Project Brief:

Washington Wellness Center, located in Robbinsville New Jersey, has been an established business for more than two decades. The center offers a variety of wellness services including chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy. As more individuals moved into the area, competitors increased as well, taking business away from the established practice.

In an effort to minimize the impact of competitors and expand their local presence, Washington Wellness tried a number of traditional marketing approaches. Unfortunately, many of these campaigns were ineffective. Where there was success, it was a challenge to determine what was actually working to a single ad, billboard, or mailer. When Dr. Swanekamp realized that Washington Wellness could benefit from digital marketing, he gave Big Fin Solutions a call. Having worked with a number of local businesses, we were able to focus on specific local search engine optimization strategies to showcase his business online and drive more qualified prospects to his established practice.

Step 01

Gather all information

Before getting started with our local SEO program, we met with doctors in the practice to understand the type of marketing they tried in the past, discovering what worked and what didn’t. More importantly, we spent time getting to know the doctors, the services they provided, and how they helped their patients. We asked many questions about the needs of their patients, challenges, and the key drivers of their practice.

By defining a number of unique attributes for Washington Wellness Center, we were quickly able to differentiate the practice from local competitors and use this information to design and implement an optimized website and digital partners.

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SEO Plan Improve Ranking

Step 02

Develop an SEO Plan

Based on all of the work that we’ve done for professional service providers, we quickly detailed a plan that involved a number of key campaigns including website optimization, Google My Business, local online directories, and reputation management strategies of producing new digital assets. These strategies were implemented based on an agreed upon timeline.

Step 03

Measure Results

It didn’t take long to start seeing results. In fact, within 2 weeks of starting our campaign, new client inquiries were up more than 30%. Within the first 6 months, new client revenue was twice the average. We credit the increase in business from improved visibility online from our omni-channel digital campaign.

Measure Results
Through Google Analytics and other tracking services, we were able to manage marketing spend and new patient acquisition costs.

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