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Reputation Management

Some reputation management and reputation repair companies simply don’t perform. The truth is that effective reputation management requires sustained results.

Reputation Management Approach

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Implementing a remedy may take many forms depending on the status of your online reputation at the start of your campaign. Certain search engines also give a lot of weight to certain consumer review websites such as Yelp and Google My Business.
Government and education-related websites also rank highly as they are
historically authoritative.

It has to be fast. But it can’t just be a quick fix.

We work efficiently to get you the results you need now and for the long term. Our methodologies are built to ensure the results are not only authoritative and substantive but appear natural as if no campaign was ever performed.

It can’t look questionable

There are times when a client engages with us after a prior campaign was attempted
by others. The results of the prior campaigns were not controlled and do not
appear natural. They contain questionable assets and content that is highly
likely to raise suspicion that an attempt was made to reverse a negative

A lack of strategy that focuses on high-quality assets and content,
unfortunately, invites greater scrutiny and deeper searching by third parties
vetting your online reputation for trust.

Reputation Management Process

We create high-quality content that provides a far better user experience than that of negative content or a negative review site. Our content is designed to be engaging,
captivating, highly credible, and informative for your users.

reputation management

We then combine several effective techniques to increase authority and/or promote positive listings that push negative listings “down” in the SERPs.

Here is how we control your online reputation:  

  • Premium Articles: Create high-quality, high-value articles written by our team of former journalists from Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, and other leading publications and promote them through our exclusive relationships with high authority industry and national publications.
  • Social Media: We can create Social Network profiles (Twitter), Professional Network profiles (LinkedIn), and other various strategic social sites that we can control.
  • Older Third Party Controlled Assets: We can leverage older high domain authority third party controlled assets that may be neutral or positive and currently rank on deeper pages for your key phrases within the Search Engines.
  • Building Asset Authority:  We increase the authority of specific assets (articles from publications, social assets, older third-party assets) and we do it by increasing citations from credible high-authority sites through relationships and outreach. The credible high-authority sites accept our premium high value content and within the content they will include a citation back to the specific asset that we are targeting which powers its authority higher to benefit your campaign.

The timeline will be different for each Campaign depending on the number and strength of the potentially damaging listings at the beginning of the Campaign. The end goal is always to create sustained results that will last for years to come. Contact us to start your reputation management program.