What is An SEO Company?

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What is An SEO Company?

What is an SEO Company? An SEO company is an entity that offers search engine optimization services to businesses, helping them improve their online visibility. Search engine optimization is the process of making changes to your website design and content to make your site more attractive to search engines like Google.

When an SEO company effectively optimizes your website, companies generate more online traffic that generally leads to improved sales for their organization. Search engine optimization companies come in all shapes and sizes, serving a variety of industries.

People often ask, “How does SEO work?” According to the definitive SEO guide, “SEO Made Simple”, the practice of search engine optimization can be broken down into a few main topics. These include site audit, keyword research, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization.

An SEO company will often begin their engagement with a company focusing on keyword research – understanding the company and the types of keyword phrases they want to be associated with when users search. The goal is to generate targeted traffic by appearing in search results for the desired keywords and keyword phrases.

What is an seo company?
Search engine optimization companies improve organic rankings

After thorough keyword research, and SEO company can complete a site audit. A site audit evaluates your website from a technical perspective, ensuring that search engine optimization best practices are being met and pages are optimized for specific keyword phrases identified in the keyword research phase.

On-page optimization, based on the site audit, focuses the efforts of an SEO company by prioritizing changes to be made to your website. These changes are often focused on things like:

  • URL structure
  • Navigation
  • Metadata such as titles and descriptions
  • H1 and H2 tags
  • Alt image tags
  • Keyword density

As keywords are used throughout the website in the proper format, pages may improve in ranking and traffic.

The next phase of on-page optimization is often site performance. This is where on page optimization begins to evolve into off page optimization.

Based on the initial site audit, and SEO company will likely make changes to your site improving overall performance. This is generally in the form of site load speed on both the desktop and mobile versions of your website.

Additional performance enhancements may be evaluated based on Google Search Console and other diagnostic tools that evaluate site performance against search engine optimization best practices. As your site performs at a higher level, rendering more quickly, Google may provide favorable placement in search engine results.

The last step is off page optimization. This practice is often ongoing, requiring a continual effort of link development. Search engines rank websites based on site authority. An SEO company can help build website authority by building inbound links to your website from authoritative resources online. This may come in the form of link exchanges, paid placement, data aggregators, directories, blogs, or other content placements.

The most effective providers will always pace their off page optimization efforts in order to comply with the latest search engine algorithms. Build links too quickly and your site may be penalized. Build links slowly and you may not see the organic improvements you are expecting from your provider.

An SEO company will almost always complete these four critical steps: Keyword Research, Site Audit, On Page Optimization, and Off Page Optimization. The initial engagement may take a number of months and then transition to off page optimization, often in the form of content development and distribution, and maintenance.

Individuals often ask if an SEO company is required for Web design. Many website development companies are independent from their SEO counterparts. This means that you may need to work with an SEO company separately to optimize your website once developed. It’s a best practice to find a website development or SEO company that has experience building websites that are fully optimized for search results.

What is SEO and how it works

SEO is an evolving practice of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often called natural or organic results. The higher a site is ranked in search results, the more website traffic it will receive from the search engines. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, news search and more.

The principles of effective SEO are relatively simple. From Google’s perspective, they are seeking to provide their users with a positive online experience. This means that Google is seeking to answer a user’s query and to do it quickly.

Search engine optimization is designed to deliver on that promise. Websites that are able to support the mission are rewarded with higher rankings in search engine results. It is estimated the Google algorithm has more than 200 factors that determine ranking. Additionally, the search engine is using natural language programming to better understand a user’s query and return a set of accurate results that are both thorough and authoritative.

As the search algorithm evolves, more emphasis is being placed on the authority of a given search result. Effective SEO from an SEO company will place a good deal of effort on building authority. This is done through content development, using validated references, and attracting links from other quality websites and blogs.

All of this weighs into SEO and how it works. Even as search engine optimization evolves, the principles remain the same. Search engines are seeking to answer a user’s questions quickly and accurately from an authoritative source.

The methods and practices for meeting those criteria continue to evolve. The best SEO companies are evolving too. Many are focused not just on technical SEO but content development – and amplifying that content. There are many ways to achieve this outcome and viable businesses will share their optimization practices with you. Always look for transparency with your service provider. This guarantees white hat optimization techniques that will not get your website banned.

What is the best SEO Company?

The best search engine optimization company is one that provides SEO services at a reasonable cost. Unfortunately, the best SEO Company is not one-size-fits-all. The best SEO Company for you or your business will generally have demonstrated competency, industry experience, or be shared via referral.

When searching for an SEO company to meet your specific needs, it’s best to start with a clear expectation of what you’re hoping to achieve. Always look for a provider who is willing to give you direct and honest feedback.  A company with deep expertise understands what’s possible and how long it can take to achieve. They are also assertive with regard to unreasonable expectations or outcomes. This should be based on their experience and understanding of how search results work.

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