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Reputation is Everything

There are a lot of reasons why SEO is important for your business. For me, it really comes down to one thing – reputation.

After being in this business for nearly 2 decades, I can tell you that people don’t call Big Fin SEO when everything is running smoothly. Either their brand, website, or a combination of the two have been damaged. This may be because they are not appearing in search results or they simply don’t like their page 1 results.

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Some people believe that a good defense makes for a good offense. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t work that way. If you want to have a strong reputation online, you much proactively manage the content being published about your brand.

When was the last time you Googled yourself? Are you happy with the results? The same is true when it comes to your brand. What do the results say about you and the people you work with? Will the content impress would-be customers or scare them away.

Fixing negative online results take time. That’s why we encourage all of the companies we work with to go on offense – producing meaningful content on a consistent and regular basis. This is often done using: websites, blogs, images, videos, and more.

In addition to creating content, you want to amplify it to support your reputation across multiple channels including social media, industry listings, and of course, your website. Winning online is really more of a marathon than a sprint. Those who win marathons train consistently over time and have a lasting impact.

My goal today is to get you to think about proactively managing your online reputation. Start by evaluating your current digital assets, improving them, expanding them, and then amplifying your content. When you do, you create enough of your own content about you/your business, that other listing(s) can’t take your place.

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