Is White Label SEO Right for Your Agency

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Is White Label SEO Right for Your Agency

White label isn’t for everyone. Some agency have been burned by white label SEO, others haven’t added search engine optimization to their offerings and a lucky few are already profiting from outsourcing their search engine optimization services.

What is White Label SEO

White label SEO is the practice of using a third party provider to deliver search engine optimization services to your clients. A number of agencies use SEO partners to improve their offering to existing clients and generate additional revenue.

White label SEO comes in a variety of formats. In many cases, an agency contracts with a provider but maintains client control. In this scenario, the agency who is outsourcing the work, continues to interface with clients using a client manager or project manager. In many instances, their client doesn’t even know that another entity is doing the work.

In a different scenario, a third party is handling the SEO for an agency’s client and there is full transparency. The primary agency doesn’t try to hide the fact that the individual(s) offering SEO services are with a different company. This transparency may minimize the need for customization, delays, and other factors associated with outsourcing.

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What are the Benefits of White Label SEO

The benefits of white label SEO are many. In particular, there are three major benefits:

  1. Agencies that provide white label SEO provide additional benefit to existing customers. Due to the high demand of organic search as part of the marketing mix, agencies offering services designed to increase visibility of search engines, helps with lead generation and branding.
  2. White label SEO utilizes companies or individuals who are experts in search engine optimization. As the complexities of organic search continue to develop, having an expert who is exclusively focused on the latest optimization techniques and strategies can improve results and help to avoid damaging penalties that can materially impact a busines.
  3. White label SEO generates additional revenue for agencies. As an in-demand service, search optimization is a profitable offering for clients. With additional services, many agencies can earn an additional six figures while providing increasing value to their customers. This improve agency-client relationships and dependability, increasing the lifetime value of a client.

The benefits of white label SEO are many and the risks are few when working with an established partner. This is why it’s so important to work with providers who have experience working specifically with agencies.

How Do You Choose a White Label SEO Provider?

Choosing a white label SEO provider requires a clear understanding of needs and identifying the characteristics of an ideal agency partners.

Where many people go wrong when choosing an SEO provider is not going beyond the online resume. Said another way, they often make a decision based on a website alone or a specific set of solutions.

Alternatively, agencies who successfully identify white label partners, take the time to speak with the business owner, key personnel who will work on their accounts, and ensure compatibility.

You should always view your partnership as long-term. If you were going to work with this outsource partner for years, what would you expect? Ask questions about workflow, transparency, and accountability. By getting clear answers to these questions, you can better determine fit.

Offering search engine optimization through a partner is a great way to expand your services, increase value for your customers, and generate additional revenue. When you choose the right partner, amazing things will happen.

Successful SEO Partnerships

The agencies who are most successful at outsourcing their organic search services take the time to thoroughly vet their potential partners. Additionally, they start with one project, work out the kinks, and then engage fully. Unfortunately, many agencies don’t follow this simple formula and are trapped in unhappy relationships.

Don’t let this happen to you. And, if you’re unhappy with your SEO partner, consider switching. This can be done gradually or all at once. Successful transitions are often done by using the new partner for new projects. As you bring on more SEO business, consider testing out other outsource partners and when you find the right one, make the wholesale switch.

Outsourcing your services through white label has many benefits. Take advantage of this common solution and increase the benefits you offer to your clients and your own agency. Contact us to learn about our white label services.