What is Reputation Management?

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What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is the proactive management of an individual or company persona online, often constructing it to be positive in nature. Reputation management may include the development of digital assets to improve image including but not limited to websites, blogs, videos, and images.

What is Reputation Score?

Reputation score is a number given to an individual or company based on a number of facreputation managementtors which may include: length in business, customer review ratings, and legal standing. Reputation scores and algorithms vary based on the reporting entity.

How can I Improve My Reputation?

Improving your reputation online requires proactive management of content that you control. When working with reputation management firms, begin with a full diagnostic of your online reputation. This includes a deep-dive of all digital assets appearing online such as websites, blogs, video, images, mentions, social media, etc.

To effectively manage your reputation, damaging online mentions need to be removed. Reputation management companies will attempt to remove negative listings but this is not always possible. As a result, some listing will remain online permanently. To combat this issue, new digital assets, designed to outrank negative ones, are created.

How Long Does Reputation Management Take?

Although some negative online listings can be removed rather quickly, others need to be moved off of page one with higher ranking content. This can take many months or even a couple of years to accomplish. However, if done properly, positive changes can last for a long period of time.

How to choose a Reputation Management Company

The best ways to choose a reputation management company is to find a business who has expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and has worked to improve the reputation of others in a similar situation to your own. This may include companies in your niche or individuals of similar standing.

Be sure to get a clear understanding of any short-term or long-term fees associated with reputation management work. Some companies will charge a flat monthly fee while others will charge a monthly fee plus additional costs depending on asset creation such as video production.

Effective reputation management can have a very positive impact on your business or personal reputation. The best time to start is now. If you need to improve your reputation, give us a call to see how we can help (609) 310-1808.